Ways Your Small Business get More Customer Calls

How to get more calls to your customer care

Small business makes up the very backbone of this country and yours is no different, no matter what kind of business you run.

Though there is a lot of diversity in the small business world there are some hurdles we all face, and ahead we're going to explore a major problem, getting customer calls. So forge ahead as we talk about 5 ways to make your small business get more customer calls.

Get to the Top of Your Search Results

Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask.com, there are plenty of search engines out there and you need to make sure you're at the top of them. Take Google, for example, sure you may have a website but you need to submit your website to them for inclusion in Google's index.

After all, it may seem like these search engines know everything but they need reminding! Not to mention traffic to your site through these search engines, and in a recent Google study almost 70% of mobile customers just call a business directly, but they need to find your number first.

Customer Appreciation Programs

Of course, you appreciate customers, after all pay the bills! However, showing them that fact will usually result in more sales. Offering a frequent visitor card with a small reward or even just knowing the names of the regulars will help to generate more customer calls, after all when someone needs something they will call the place they're most comfortable or familiar with. Why not you?

Get on Social Media

List of social media sitesNow there are plenty of traditional means to generate calls, the phone book, and snail mail but more and more customers are moving online and you need to be there so they can find you! Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Myspace, each of these are free platforms for you to show your small business' face and be recognized. Not to mention being able to receive and respond to customer feedback at breakneck speed!

Word of Mouth

Finally just put your cards in people’s hands. Give out business cards with your receipts, make pamphlets to put up in the local community college, shake people’s hands and tell your customers you appreciate them.

Then they will tell their friends, who will tell their friends, then before you know it, your phones will be ringing like you've never heard before! Now of course word of mouth can only get you so far but it's a foot in the door of your community.

Community Involvement

Speaking of the community get involved! After all, you work and live here too, why not go to town meetings and chamber of commerce hosted events. Get pamphlets in your local welcome center, help out other business, show your support for local police and fire departments or during various city functions. Just be involved in your community and the people who see you will think of you first when they need to call a business like yours.

Community people

All in all, it's not a hard concept. You just need to be willing to spread out your influence to those around you and then let them come to you when needed. After all, you can't make people call your business, however, you sure can make people know that if they need the service you provide that you should be the one they call.