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T-Mobile Customer Service Number




T-Mobile Customer Service Phone Number (800) 866-2453

To speak with a live Customer Care representative call between 3 a.m. – 10 p.m. Pacific Time

The best phone number to reach T-Mobile Technical Support: (877) 453-1304

To pay your T-Mobile bill over the phone call: (877) 453-1304


T-Mobile encourages customers to pay their bill online or over the phone, but for customers who insist on mailing a payment there are four different payment centers throughout the U.S. in Dallas, St. Louis, Cincinnati and Los Angeles.


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Why Are People Signing up for T-Mobile Service


With one of the smallest market shares amongst major U.S. wireless carriers you might wonder why people are choosing T-Mobile wireless service over the competition. T-Mobile was the first carrier to introduce a $0 down payment option for high-end smartphone devices and offer early upgrades to qualified customers. The T-Mobile “JUMP” program has now been imitated by all of the other major carriers in some form or fashion. T-Mobile revolutionized the wireless industry by making expensive smartphone devices more affordable for the average consumer. With increased accessibility to high-end phones and cheap rate plans T-Mobile’s customer following has surged in recent years.


Does T-Mobile Offer Business Pricing Plans


Although T-Mobile is not well known for having many business customers this is a market they are seeking to expand into and conquer. The business wireless customer is highly desirable because account sizes can range from 5-1000 phones and represent a large monthly revenue source. T-Mobile now offers specialized business pricing plans, rebates, and customer service. As their coverage continues to improve and they ramp up their marketing efforts towards businesses they will likely see a revenue increase.


What Type of Devices Does T-Mobile Offer


T-Mobile now carries the full spectrum of smartphone devices including the Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy phones, Samsung Gear series watches, BlackBerry devices, Windows based phones, Android smartphones, tablets and 4G hotspot devices. They also have no contract plans and prepaid services available.


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