Qualities of a Perfect Customer Representative

Just like a receptionist, a customer service representative in a company or business paints or blurs the company picture. The company face and reputation is built or killed by the customer service representative. To hire one, you need to be extra careful and hire only those with incredibly high personal attributes. Be on the lookout for the following as anchor attributes.


Customer service representative job can't fit a person who is not patient enough. The nature of customers he/she will be receiving require high-level patience. Some customers might be naturally nuisance or may intentionally fail to understand. As a customer service representative, you need to take time, allow them to say all and respond in the most humane way possible. A customer requires to feel that he/she has been heard and supported.

Top Emotional Intelligence

To balance your emotions and those of the customers, a customer service representative ought to be highly composed. He/she should have a high level of recognition and management of emotions. This calls for recognition and management of emotions for self and of the customer as well. The representative should thus be internally motivated, empathetic and self-regulated. High levels of self-awareness are also encouraged.

Positive Attitude

Dealing with people of a variety of orientations and attitudes requires that the representative maintains a positive attitude. Customers should be helped to compose themselves and act reasonably. Positiveness and likelihood of a solution being found should also be input in them by the customer representative.

Some of the common positives expected are:

  • - Being friendly to all customers
  • - Fitting in teams of other employees.
  • - Facing challenges instead of avoiding them.
  • - Welcoming all customers
  • - Endeavoring to respond to all customer issues.

Natural Problem Solver

Since customer issues are never the same, the representative should have confidence and natural intelligence. Understanding the area of work and the nature of the work helps. A customer service representative should expect novel customer issues. New issues need a response. High levels of efficiency, proper analysis, work understanding and intelligence must play.

Highly Adaptive and Flexible

Every job comes with upgrades and internal changes. In case of changes in processes, technologies or company systems, the customer service representative should be quickly adaptive and flexible. The demands of a customer cannot be delayed for updates not with the representative. The job involves changing work schedules, multitasking, and erratic conditions. All these should be easily adapted to.

Helping Passion

To work as a customer representative, you need to love what you do. That involves having a great liking and love for helping people. To listen patiently even when you know what is going to be said. This demands that you be fully in it from the heart. To handle disturbing customers and serious customers alike, you need to be patient and passionate. The desire to see someone make a step forward makes a customer representative soldier on.


The personality traits for a perfect customer service representative are more than the above. However, to start somewhere, you need those. However few, they cover all customer representative needs in brief.